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Together we are stronger..

MaxCare Healthy Life Social Responsibility Campaign


We Care About You


As MaxCare Health Life, we offer you our human-oriented concepts and services to make your life healthier and more enjoyable, because we care about you ...

We shape the future on this way we started out with the vision of becoming an original and innovative world brand with international values ​​in the Health and Aesthetics sector.

We are on the way to become a company that shapes the future of Health and Aesthetics in the Global World and adds new techniques. We consider every detail separately for customer satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal, and we work to create the MaxCare Healthy Life culture.

Time to Share Now

Our world is going through a very difficult process and unfortunately children are the most vulnerable link of it ... We understand them and implement our "A Happy Future for Children" social responsibility project to meet their needs with MaxSafe products!

With each product you buy, as MaxCare Healthy Life we aim to support children in need by donating masks and disinfectants.


Living in the "New Normal"

As you know, with the beginning of the 2020 the whole world has entered a new era due to the corona virus pandemic. As stated by the World Health Organization, unfortunately, viruses and epidemics will always be in our lives and we should learn to live with them.

For this reason, new strategies must be determined to keep up with this mandatory period at every point where there is life for all humanity, from home to schools, from workplaces to shopping malls. Keeping our living spaces clean in order to protect the health of people is no longer an arbitrary necessity.

We are aware of our responsibility!

We have entered into a new formation based on the idea that we should use and benefit from our past business and industry experiences for the world in this difficult period and we created the Max Care Health Life brand for you!

According to us, success is never a coincidence. And organizations must make the best use of their success for their employees, their families, the development of the company, their country, and ultimately for the whole world. Believing that success will increase as it is shared, MaxCare Healthy Life has always made it a principle to share its gains with the awareness of social responsibility, in correct and effective resources.

Based on this, we believe that MaxCare Healthy Life has priorities as a constitution for all its stakeholders to manage the economic, social and environmental impacts of their activities responsibly and to develop the society.

To be protected from corona virus, first keep your hands clean!

We now know how to protect against corona virus. As experts often say, one of the most important measures that can be taken is to pay maximum attention to hand hygiene. Although washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds is recommended for hand hygiene, we can get help from disinfectants in places where hand washing is not possible.

We work for you because we care about you!


At this point, we asked ourselves what we can do for humanity, and within the scope of our “MaxCare Healthy Life Clean Hands Protect Lives” social responsibility project, we decided to make an investment of CHF 400.- Sensor Spray Disinfectant Dispenser & Elegant Stand for every point belonging to all kinds of companies, stores, etc.!


We dream of establishing a healthy environment with a contactless, hygienic experience for valuable consumers!


Moreover to that, we will do the first CHF 100 value desenfectation free of charge with our pulverizing system, which provides superior hygiene by spreading the disinfection chemical using the latest technology at each point, before placing the stands.

Contact us, start being different right now!


Let's protect our living spaces from invisible intruders altogether!


Contact us now and let us invest in very stylish stands that will be specially designed for you with your logos, and you experience the privilege of presenting the highest quality disinfectants available on the market as contactless to your employees and customers!


As part of the "Time to Share Now" Project; 
with every product you buy, we aim to support children in need by donating masks and disinfectants.

In line with pre-demand:

We look forward to presenting you our products and all other details for you to take advantage of this campaign special for Allianz, as limited to 1000 pieces of MaxSafe Pro Q101/MaxSafe Pro Q201 or MaxSafe Pro Q202
so that both loyal Allianz customers and children in need are in a hygienic environment. 

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