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Together we are stronger...

MaxCare Healthy Life Social Responsibility Campaign

We work for You
because, we care about You!

At this point, we asked ourselves what we can do for humanity, and within the scope of our “MaxCare Healthy Life
Clean Hands Protect Lives” social responsibility project, we decided to make an investment of CHF 400.- Sensor Spray Disinfectant Dispenser & Elegant Stand for every point belonging to all kinds of companies, stores, etc.!


We dream of establishing a healthy environment with a contactless,
hygienic experience for valuable consumers!


Moreover to that, we will do the first CHF 100 value desenfectation free of charge with our pulverizing system,
which provides superior hygiene by spreading the disinfection chemical using the latest technology at each point,
before placing the stands.




Smart Offer 

This is a MaxCare - Social Responsibility
Project Contribution

Advantages of 

As you know,

there are many companies in the market that offer

Virus & Bacteria Cleaning Services and manufacture Hand Disinfectants products,

but would you like to know the advantages of why you should choose MaxSafe?

Contactless Hygiene

Best Cleaning Technology

Quality Price Performance

Since our disinfectant stands provide
contactless hygiene,
it reduces the risk of contamination by hands.

Before placing the disinfectant stands,
we provide for your environment
the ULV Cleaning Service, which is the most advanced technology in the market.

Since the services and the products
we offer are sustainable, it is the best option for
your budget in terms of price quality
performance in the long term.

moda dükkanı

Retail Store

We support your trademark
by providing the highest quality of
service in your retail store and
we are proud to offer a sustainable high level of cleanliness and hygiene to
your customers.

Çok Katlı Kütüphane

Educational Institution

Choose MaxSafe for your school
cleaning services. 

No matter the size of your
educational institution,
MaxSafe can help you
create a clean and hygienic
environment for staff and pupils.


Food & Services Industry

Protect your employees and
customers with our
cleaning services that
we have developed specifically for the
food and service industry.

More Details
Staying Fit_edited.jpg
Hygienic Environment


Since gyms are one of the placeswhere hygiene should be paidutmost attention, it is important thatyou get the best cleaning serviceavailable in the market so that your customers can do their sportswith peace of mind.

Hygienic Environment

Office Areas

Get support from Maxsafe cleaning services for the satisfaction of your employees, who are directly related to your working efficiency.

Alışveriş Merkezi Çeşmesi
Hygienic Environment

Shopping Malls

Choose Maxsafe for the satisfaction of your regular customers and to create a healthy shopping environment to gain
new customers.

We are committed to present you the healthiest and safest environment with MaxSafe in your stores, office areas and common areas in three easy steps.

Otel Açık Lobisi
Süslü Mağaza

1. Feasibility & Offer 
Proposal Stage

2. Non-Contact
Hand Disinfection System

After you contact us ,
we come to your company

for a proposal and conduct a feasibility study.

Based on the acceptance of our offer,
we will design the most ergonomic and stylish

contactless hand disinfectant for your use.

3. COVID-19  
Deep Cleaning 

After your disinfectant stand selection,
before placing them we will purify your
work areas, office, shops, etc. from viruses and bacteria with the most superior
ULV technology.


High Quality 
Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


Worth    CHF 400 .-

* Limited to only 1000 pieces

 Deep Cleaning
with ULV Technology


CHF 100 .-

non-heavy odor
disinfectant that
does not irritate the skin


Good Price &

"Together We Are Stronger" 

MaxCare - Social Responsibility 
Project Contribution

With each product you buy,
as MaxCare Healthy Life we aim to support children in need by donating masks and disinfectants.

"Clean Hands Protect Lives" 

MaxCare - Social Responsibility 
Project Contribution

Get support from MaxSafe cleaning services for the satisfaction of your employees,
who are directly related to your working efficiency.


Smart Offer 

This is a MaxCare - Social Responsibility
Project Contribution

Let's protect our living spaces from invisible intruders altogether!

Contact us now and let us invest in very stylish stands that will be specially designed for you with your logos, and you experience the privilege of presenting the highest quality disinfectants available on the market as contactless to your employees and customers!


for a safety life ..

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