Healthy Life

we care about you

sustainable and high performance
solutions that add value to you and

make your life easier.

Health is a state of complete
physical, mental and social well-being and not merely
the absence of disease or infirmity.

WHO  (World Health Organization)

Healthy Life


As MaxCare Health Life,
we offer you our human-oriented concepts and services to make your life healthier and more enjoyable, because we care about you ...

We shape the future on this way we started out with the vision of becoming an original and innovative world brand with international values ​​in the Health and Aesthetics sector.

We are on the way to become a company that shapes the future of Health and Aesthetics in the Global World and adds new techniques. We consider every detail separately for customer satisfaction, which is our ultimate goal, and we work to create the MaxCare Healthy Life culture.

With you in all areas of life for your health

Innovative products that
provide full protection against viruses and bacteria.

Most valuable investment in yourself

Change is the only constant in life

Let us guide you on your way to your best version inside out.


When it comes to aesthetics, we complete your image with our personalized solutions in every field you can think of.

By listening to the needs of your body, we maximize your quality of life with our personalized nutrition program.

Most valuable investment in yourself
You can choose 
the best suitable
insurance network packages for you,
and easily reach the most accurate service options
that appeal to your budget and needs.

We redesign your smile for an effective and impressive face.

We increase your frequency by helping you to find your body & mind and soul balance based on the motto "Health starts from within first".



for a healthy life ..

MaxSafe is with You


MaxSafe protect you, your loved ones and those around you with different and effective products we have developed against viruses and bacteria with advanced technology.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have understood very well that microorganisms that we cannot see with the naked eye make our lives very difficult.

In clinical studies, MaxSafe products have proven their effectiveness on many bacteria, viruses and fungi, including serious virus families such as Corona Virus.

You can make your life safer and healthier with various MaxSafe products that we offer for you.

This is a MaxCare - Social Responsibility
Project Contribution

Rest assured with every breath you take with

our full protection masks

Start protecting your life and

your loved ones from your hands

Innovative products and

solutions that provide full protection against viruses


Social Respponsibility


As Max Care Healthy Life we want to fulfill our duty so that the children of the world can live in better conditions than today.You can contribute to the projects we do for this purpose with your company to be a part of the solution.

Social Responsibility

Time to Share Now

Our world is going through a very difficult process and unfortunately children are the most vulnerable link of it ...
We understand them and implement our
"A Happy Future for Children" social responsibility project to
meet their needs with MaxSafe products!

Social Responsibility

Together we are stronger

With each product you buy, as MaxCare Healthy Life we aim to support children in need by donating masks and disinfectants.


Swiss Public Health

Important Informations 
For Your Health


Measures and Ordinances

Information below are quoted from, Swiss Public Health Offical Website 
"Measures and Ordinances" Section 

Massnahmen in der

Einrichtungen und Betriebe, einschliesslich obligatorische Schulen und nachobligatorische Bildungseinrichtungen, sowie für Veranstaltungen braucht es weiterhin ein Schutzkonzept. 

Massnahmen im öffentlichen Verkehr

Zurzeit bewegen sich wieder mehr Menschen im öffentlichen Raum. Der Bundesrat setzt weiterhin stark auf eigenverantwortliches Handeln. 

 Schutz im Betrieb 

Die Arbeitgeber sind verpflichtet, den Schutz ihrer Arbeitnehmer gemäss der Verordnung zu gewährleisten.

for up-to-date information

Follow the official twitter account of the  
Swiss Confederation Ministry of Health

Eidgenössisches Departement des Innern EDI
Bundesamt für Gesundheit BAG

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A. Bahnhof Street 7 - 6300 
Zug - Switzerland
P. +41 41 710 80 37

Healthy Life


A. Bahnhof Street 7 - 6300
Zug - Switzerland
P. +41 41 710 80 37

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